Influential wildlife photographers

Publications such as the National Geographic and Discover Wildlife have catapulted wildlife photographers into the limelight, with these publications becoming the pinnacle of success for many photographers in this niche.

We spoke to Heather Angel, a wildlife photographer, to find out all about this genre and what advice she would give to photographers looking to break into the industry. All the shots featured on this page are the work of Heather.

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Key skills for becoming a wildlife photographer

  • Develop your technical ability: Look into evening classes in photo editing or even composition
  • Join a photography club: Have your images critiqued and build your professional network here
  • Constantly work on your portfolio: Ensure this only contains examples of your best work
  • Enter competitions: Increase the amount of people who are exposed to your work
  • Donate your images to local wildlife groups: Finding royalty-free imagery can be tricky for charities and low-budget organisations, so use this to your advantage and donate your images for free to gain relevant exposure
  • Do your research: Not only on your wildlife subjects, but also professional wildlife photographers already working in the genre

The best camera equipment for wildlife photography