Peli Case Size Guide

As every protective case enthusiast will know by now, Peli offer a wide variety of cases in a whole host of different sizes - so how do you figure out which one is the perfect fit for you?

Fear not, as the following guide will demonstrate exactly how to use various useful features on our site, such as the category page filters, as well as our handy case comparison table, to help you make your choice quickly and easily.

Looking for the full table in PDF format? Take a look at our latest case brochure, containing a handy Peli case size chart.

Refine by Size 

Within our category pages (the bridge between the homepage and the product, i.e., Cases, Protector, Storm, etc.), you’ll notice an option to filter the products by internal length, width and depth, in millimetres.

After you have measured the items you would like to fit into your case, use the sliding scales to select the size range that would be suitable to house your products. We recommend starting with the minimum dimensions required, and expanding the ranges if you need more options.

The results will update automatically, and you'll be able to see the specific internal dimensions for each case, just below the price.

You can then open the product pages as needed to view the full dimension details for each case, including the external dimensions and lid/base depth split.

1120 Case Dimensions Example

Head over to the Cases category now to test out these filters.

Case Comparison Table

If you have a selection of cases you can’t quite choose between, the case comparison page will come in handy. It helps you find equivalent or very close matches between the three main ranges - Protector, Storm and Air.

This grid shows the dimensions of all the Peli cases arranged in size order. The columns show the cases available in each range, allowing you to similar-sized cases across the full range of Peli Cases. Just click on the model numbers to open the relevant product pages.

Find Out More

If you need further assistance in choosing a case that’s the right size for you, our latest case brochure is available to download, containing a handy Peli case size chart. And of course, we are always on hand to help if you’d prefer to get in touch and speak to a member of our team directly.

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