Peli Camera Trap Captures Badger

Wildlife photographer Andy Swinden recently captured an extraordinary set of images using his Peli camera trap.

The nocturnal badger can be difficult to capture, as humans are their main predator, so close interaction is very uncommon. However, this camera trap with a triggered motion sensor flash created a unique set of images.

 How did he do it?

Camera traps often require a lot of patience before the perfect shots are captured - Andy took over 2,500 before these images. He used an 18mm lens and a customised Peli 1300 case to create his camera trap, mounting it to a tripod and positioning it slightly above a collection of nuts and seeds to entice the badger, as seen in the shot below.

Behind the Scenes

Take a behind the scenes look at how the images were captured in the video below. Big thanks to Andy for sharing these wonderful images and the capture process with us.

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