The Best Peli Carry-on Case

Airline regulations change constantly, so which case is best to use as carry-on luggage? Many Peli cases feature retractable handles, wheels and an automatic pressure release valve to prevent ‘vacuum lock’, making them the perfect travel companion.

How Big Can Your Peli Carry-on

Carry-on regulations vary depending on which airline you are flying with; it is important to be vigilant when checking this, as some anomaly airlines will charge extra to board with a standard size carry-on bag.

We’ve put together a handy table below to show the maximum carry-on sizes from some of the most popular airlines (accurate as of February 2021):

Airline Max Carry On Size (cm)

Airline Max Carry On Size (cm)
Air Lingus  55 x 40 x 24
British Airways 56 x 45 x 25
EasyJet 56 x 45 x 25
Emirates 55 x 38 x 20
Jet2 56 x 45 x 25
Ryan Air  40 x 20 x 25
TUI Airways 55 x 40 x 20


The following table shows which popular Peli cases are suitable for use as carry-on luggage:

 Peli Case External Dims (cm) Wheels/Handles Weight (kg)
1510 Protector Case 55.9 x 35.1 x 22.9 Yes 5.44
1535 Air Case 55.8 x 35.5 x 22.8 Yes  3.95
iM2500 Storm Case 55.1 x 35.8 x 22.6 Yes 5.03
iM2400 Storm Case 48.7 x 38.6 x 18.5 No 2.95
1525 Air Case 55.8 x 35.5 x 19 No 2.72
1495 Protector Laptop Case 54.9 x 43.8 x 12.4 No 3.28
iM2370 Storm Laptop Case 50.8 x 37.3 x 14.7 No 3.5


Every Peli case has an automatic pressure release valve that makes it easy to open during or after a flight, despite changing air pressures. Cheaper alternative cases often don’t have this feature, which prevents vacuum-lock, where the case can become near impossible to open.

As well as a pressure valve, the following cases also have extra features that make them ideal for air travel:


Sized to qualify as carry-on luggage with most airlines, the 1510 features smooth-rolling wheels and a retractable handle, making it a popular choice for individuals that often travel with expensive equipment, such as photographers.

The 1510 also makes a great choice for travel, as it can be configured with a laptop lid organiser and luggage insert.


The 1535 Air case is recognised as one of the most innovative and useful new products in the filmmaking industry as the winner of the 'Best Roller/Hardcase' in the Pro Moviemaker Gear of the Year 2017 Awards. While it has the same features as the 1510, the 1535 Air case weighs in at an impressive 3.95kg (empty), compared to its slightly heavier cousin at 5.44kg. Carry-on weight restrictions mean every gram can make a difference, not to mention it’ll be easier on your arms hauling it in and out of the overhead lockers.

The 1535 also has the added benefit of being easily traced back to its owner if misplaced on the plane or left at the airport, with the help of a removable business card holder that can be positioned on the top or on the side of the case.


The Storm equivalent to the 1510 and 1535, the iM2500 case meets most airline regulations to qualify as carry-on luggage. The case also features wheels, a pull along handle and soft grip handles to make it comfortable to carry if needed, making it a go-to for many air travellers. One of the most popular features of the Storm cases are the ‘press and pull’ latches – opening them is as easy as pressing a button. Well, it is pressing a button.

Every case in the Protector, Storm and Air ranges have padlock hasps that are compatible with the Peli TSA lock, which provides extra security by restricting access to your case from opportunistic thieves. However, as it’s TSA approved, airport security will have a special key to open the lock should they need to check luggage, without having to break it.


Peli cases in each range can be customised with different accessories, including padded dividers, luggage inserts and lid organisers to suit your needs. You can even make your case more personal to you with branded decals and nameplates to easily identify your case at the airport. Custom foam can also offer premium protection when transporting valuable gear on a flight.


To find out more about which Peli case is best suited to your flight, browse the full range here. Or if you'd prefer, you can speak to a team member, who will be happy to assist.

Posted On: 19th February 2021

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