What Is a Storm Case?

A Storm case is an injection-moulded, waterproof protective case manufactured by Peli. It is a lightweight alternative to the popular Peli protector case, featuring press and pull latches, a Vortex valve, rubber over-moulded handles, and each one is covered by the famous Peli Lifetime Guarantee.

The History of a Peli Storm Case

The Storm case was originally manufactured by Hardigg Industries, the world’s largest manufacturer of roto moulded protective cases, founded in 1954 by James S. Hardigg. Hardigg Industries was later acquired by Pelican Products, Inc. In 2009 in what is speculated to be the largest acquisition in the history of the protective case industry. This is why you may have heard of the Peli Storm cases sometimes being referred to as ‘Hardigg Storm cases.’

What Makes a Storm Case Different?

Even though the Storm case is made using HPX® high impact resin, which is lighter than the Protector’s Polypropelene body, the Storm case is still impact-resistant, strong, durable and watertight, similar to its Protector counterpart. Each Storm case has also undergone rigorous testing to make sure that it is deserving of the Peli Lifetime Guarantee. However, there are some key differences that set the Storm case apart:

Press and Pull latches: Make for effortless opening, although the latches (and wheels) of a Storm Case contain alloy pins, whereas the Protector pins are stainless steel, meaning it’s best to keep your case away from saltwater to avoid corrosion.

Soft grip polymer handles: For a more comfortable carry, particularly with heavier loads.

Vortex valve: Allows air to flow, whilst keeping out water. Provides quick and automatic equalisation after a build-up of air pressure, preventing vacuum-lock (such as after a flight).

Rugged in-line wheels: Provide low friction and low drag rolling, but as discussed, these are made with ally pins which may not be suitable if you are intending to use your case near saltwater.

What Inserts Are Available for a Storm Case?

There are many different inserts available for a range of different applications. These include: Pick n Pluck foam, a popular choice for those within a budget who want to create a foam insert tailored to their gear; Padded Divider sets, which allow for flexible configuration of internal compartments and are ideal for everchanging case contents; and TrekPak, a customisable, versatile divider system allowing users to make the most of their case’s storage space.

For help setting up your new case insert, check out our video tutorials.

Storm Case Customisation

As well as the variety of accessories mentioned earlier, we offer several customisation services including custom branded custom case decals and custom foam, allowing for an even more bespoke solution to meet your needs.

Want to Learn More?

To find out more about which Storm case is best suited to you, browse the full range here. If you'd prefer to speak to a team member, feel free to get in touch! We are always on hand to help.

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