Building a Peli case pannier for your motorcycle

The crushproof properties of a Peli case makes them ideal to use as motorcycle panniers. With such a vast range of cases, we are sure to have a size to suit your needs.

Not only do they offer ultimate waterproof, crushproof and dustproof protection, their lockable padlock hasps and tough latches also provide security for your belongings.

Thank you to Brian Scott for the below images of the Peli case pannier in action!

Which is the best Peli Case to use?

Check out our handy size guide to help you find out how to determine which case size would be best for your pannier. If you don't need a specific size, the cases we would recommend are:

1550 Protector Case

iM2600 Peli Storm Case

1450 Protector Case

iM2200 Peli Storm Case

How to build your Peli Case panniers

For some great advice on how to create your own Peli Case Pannier, take a look at Clark White’s guide. Not only do Peli cases offer the protection you’d lack if you were to use a soft case, but they also offer affordability over aluminium cases.

“Another consideration that will be specific to individual needs, is that cases like Givi or BMW System cases are not square, making it very difficult to pack anything more than clothes”, Clark explains.

In his guide, Clark shows how he created his Peli Panniers and the way he combated issues that he found. He goes onto explain the numerous uses for the case whilst travelling as a pannier, including utilising it as a table when stopping for food or drink on the road. All the details of how he built his Peli pannier, complete with images, can be found in his post.

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Please be aware that any breakages caused by intentional case customisations may not be covered under the Peli Lifetime Guarantee.

Want to learn more about the benefits and features of the cases? Check out the full range here.

If you need any further help picking out a case, as always, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

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