Effortless Traffic Control: INSTABOOM Go - The Ultimate Traffic Management Solution

In today's fast-paced world, efficient traffic control is essential to keep our roads safe and our daily commutes smooth. Traditional methods of manual traffic management have their limitations, often requiring multiple personnel and posing risks to both workers and motorists. This portable, remote-controlled, solar-powered automatic stop/go board is revolutionizing traffic control by providing an efficient, safe, and eco-friendly approach.

The Power of Innovation

Weighing in at just 24 kgs, its lightweight Peli case format is designed for easy deployment by a single person. This aspect alone makes it a game-changer, reducing the need for extensive manpower and mitigating risks associated with manual traffic control.

Solar-Powered Sustainability

One of the standout features of the INSTABOOM Go is its solar/hybrid power system. Harnessing the energy of the sun, this system allows the device to operate autonomously. Even on cloudy days, the INSTABOOM Go can run efficiently, with a capacity to handle a full week of 10-hour shifts, rotating twice a minute. This eco-friendly approach not only saves on operational costs but also promotes a greener environment.

Safety Redefined

Safety is paramount when it comes to traffic control. The INSTABOOM Go addresses this concern by enabling operators to control the system from a safe distance. This not only safeguards the operator but also ensures the security of motorists. With the ability to manage traffic flow remotely, the INSTABOOM Go eliminates the need for personnel to be exposed to the risks of oncoming traffic.

Addressing Labour Shortages

The current labour shortages in the highways sector are a pressing concern. The INSTABOOM Go steps in to bridge this gap by transforming what was once a hazardous two-person job into a manageable task for a single operator. This shift significantly enhances operational efficiency while preserving human resources and lives. It's a remarkable 100% labour and life-saving solution.

Technical Excellence

The INSTABOOM Go is equipped with a range of technical features that solidify its status as a cutting-edge traffic control solution:

  • Portability
  • Durability
  • Speed
  • Control
  • Visibility
  • Telematics

Peli’s ability for innovations is endless. We love seeing how different Peli cases are used each day, and this use caught our eye! Not only is the INSTABOOM Go a traffic control device; it's a game-changing solution that embodies innovation, safety, and sustainability. Something that Peli are proud to be a part of!

When it comes to using Peli cases does your company think outside the box? Get in touch to share your weird and wonderful Peli uses today!

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