The Peliputer Mobile Workstation

It's no secret that electronics and Peli cases go hand in hand. From panel frame mounted electronics in sci-fi movies (and real life) to storing video and camera gear... But something we haven't seen, until now, is an actual computer housed within a Peli case. We give you, the aptly-named 'Peliputer'.

Since the emergence of home computing in the 1980s, enthusiasts have been creating their own builds, and so it was probably only a matter of time before somebody thought to have a crack at using a Peli case to house one.

David Brown, an engineer from New Orleans, has created a portable ATX workstation, with a computer built into the base of a Peli Air 1525 Case, and a 22" monitor built into the lid.

Hardware fitted in the base of the case.

The empty 1525 weighs just 2.72kg.

Thanks in part to the lightweight build of the Peli Air, the full workstation weighs in at just under 7kg (excluding the monitor), qualifying as hand luggage for most airlines.

Not only that, thanks to the o-ring seal in the case and the power and ethernet sockets used, the whole unit maintains the IP67 rating to protect against water and dust.

The full mobile workstation.

Before you get excited, build your own Peliputer and proceed to throw it off a building or drive over it with an armoured truck... David points out the workstation isn't going to withstand anything you throw at it.

"The case is not designed for the same environment that you would normally subject a Peli case to, but provides resistance to being moved frequently."

His design does intentionally allow for some movement of the components to reduce shock loads, though, and we doubt you'll find a home computer more rugged than this one.

The uses people find for Peli cases never ceases to amaze us. Learn more about the David's Peliputer project over on Hackaday.

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