Need an extra camera dolly? Why not use your Peli...

Ever find yourself on set, in need of an extra dolly? Why not use your Peli case...

These clever chaps have done exactly that using an 1150 case, and they make it look easy. You can watch the full video below, but it consists of just 2 simple steps.

First, using the circular recesses on the base of the 1120 as guides, they drilled 4 holes through the base of the case. Obviously drilling holes into your case is going to hinder the ingress protection (IP rating), as water famously travels through holes. You have been warned.

Next, they drilled a hole through the centre of the lid.

These holes then allowed them to easily mount four dolly wheels on the base, and a ball head on the lid... simple as that!

Pelican Case Dolly / Slider with RigWheels from RigWheels on Vimeo.

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