Peli’s most popular uses

If you're just coming across the Peli case range, you might be asking yourself, “what are these cases used for?”

Over the years we’ve seen our fair share of weird, yet wonderful, uses for Peli cases, but the most popular uses crop up time and time again.

Hard Camera Cases

Peli hard camera cases have been used in the photography industry since we can remember! The cases’ durability and level of protection has always been popular with photographers, as well as the range of accessories available to ensure the best protection for various camera equipment, which can often be very expensive - therefore imperative to protect. Many photographers like to pair their Peli case most commonly with TrekPak or Padded Dividers.

The Peli range of cases has plenty to offer in terms of size. With options to suit cameras of most sizes, as well as lenses and accessories, they make the ideal hard camera case.

Popular cases used by photographers include the Peli 1510 Protector Case, as its airline carry-on size, retractable handle and wheels make it the ideal case for photographers on the go.

Cases to store sensitive equipment

Peli’s dustproof, crushproof and waterproof cases combined with custom cut protective foam makes the perfect storage solution for sensitive equipment. We see a lot of calibrated equipment using Peli cases with bespoke foam to ensure it reaches its destination without being affected by the movement involved in transit.

Peli is continuously trusted by companies to store expensive and one-off instrumentation, not only due its renowned protective hard cases, but also its top-quality customer service. Check out our testimonials page to learn more about the companies we work with!

Quality hard cases for frequent flyers

Every Peli case is fitted with an automatic pressure release valve to automatically equalise the interior air pressure, in line with changes to the exterior air pressure. This prevents vacuum lock, making Peli cases a top choice for flight cases.

Used frequently by adventurers, jetsetters and in jobs that require more travel than others, sound engineers and lighting technicians often travel to various locations for their work and Peli cases have become a fan favourite in these industries.

Not only do Peli cases protect the equipment, but they also allow for easy transportation of an otherwise impossible to lug haul of equipment. Other features such as roller wheels and comfort-grip handles as standard in some models make these hard cases the perfect travel companion.

The Peli Air range is a particularly great choice for frequent flyers, offering carry-on sized cases such as the 1535 Air Case as well as larger check-in cases. The Peli Air range is up to 40% lighter than its Protector counterpart, giving you back more of your weight limit to play with when packing!

You can even use Peli’s customisation services to set yours apart from the crowd at baggage reclaim, or to simply organise your equipment.

Tool Cases

Peli Tool Cases have continued to grow in popularity over the years. Peli cases are as durable and long-standing as the tools themselves and with a range of styles, sizes and layouts, they make for the ideal toolbox.

The 0450 Protector Tool Chest is a popular choice for tool cases, featuring butterfly latches to keep it secure, heavy-duty wheels and a retractable handle to make it easy to move around site, as well as a selection of drawers that can also be fitted with custom engineered foam - ideal for tool organisation. For something a little smaller, try the 1460 Protector Tool Case, featuring a top lid that opens to 180° for on-the-field anti-roll stability when open.

Check out the full range of tool cases and case insert options.

Range of uses

Peli cases are tough, robust and versatile. The variety of styles, colours, sizes and insert options mean the limits for customisation are endless!

If you have an innovative case idea of your own, feel free to share it!

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