Peli Case Speaker

The list of things we haven't seen Peli cases transformed into shrinks every day.

Take a look at this Peli case turned Bluetooth speaker, created by @mrtemposquare a Bluetooth speaker designer, who specialises in the art of turning lunchboxes, suitcases and Peli cases into portable speakers.

How are they created?

We can't claim to fully understand the finer technical details of this one... but essentially, holes are drilled into the case lid to mount two speakers.

The electronics are then built into the interior beneath a panel frame, protecting the electronics from water and dust even when the case is open. The interior panel features switches to operate the speaker and pair with Bluetooth devices.

There can't be many speakers out there as rugged as this!

Want to see more?

Head over to @mrtemposquare's Instagram profile to check out his range of Bluetooth speakers and see the ins and outs of creating them.

Keep an eye on our blog and social channels for more Peli Projects like this one.

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