Peli UK to Supply Scottish Fire & Rescue Service

We're delighted to announce that we have secured a significant contract to supply the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service with the Peli 3415 Zone 0 right-angled torch.

This means that every fire fighter in Scotland will be issued with a Peli™ 3415Z0, totalling 7,500 units over four years. This is testimony not only to the performance levels of the product itself, but also the famous Peli Lifetime Guarantee. You probably know the score by now - "you break it, we replace it".

Our Sales Director, David Smith, commented "This award further recognises the continued evolution of the innovative Peli product range and marks the dawn of an exciting new era for our dedicated customers and professional end-users."

Why the 3415 Zone 0 is the perfect choice

The Peli 3415 Zone 0 right-angled torch is intrinsically safe, or ATEX certified, meaning it is suitable for use in hazardous environments. Simply put, this means that the torches will not cause a spark or ignition of any chemicals or gases in the area in which you’re working. It features a 90° articulating head to direct light wherever needed as well as a heavy-duty clip for hands-free lighting. You can grab your own here.

Explore the Peli torch range

High quality Peli LED torches are the number one choice of professionals, with a vast array to suit all requirements. Take a look at the full range here, or get in touch with a member of the Peli UK team who will be happy to help.

Watch the video below to learn more about another emergency service team we supply products to - Hampshire Search & Rescue.

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