How to create the perfect toolbox using a Peli case

In this post, we explore which cases from each range work best to create your own Peli toolbox, as well as the most suitable insert for your tools.

The best Peli case to use to create your own Peli toolbox

The best case for the job will depend on the number of tools you are looking to protect. We recommend that you measure your kit beforehand, then use our handy Peli case size guide to find the best fit for you.

Peli protector tool cases

The Peli Protector range is excellently robust, perfect when it comes to tool cases. Not only are Peli Protector cases crushproof (ideal for if you're working on site), they’re also IP67 rated, ensuring your tools will be kept free of debris and moisture while they’re stored away. To create a general toolbox from a Peli Protector case, we would recommend the 1430 Protector case and the 1150 Protector case.

Peli air tool cases

The Peli Air case is the lightweight cousin of the Peli Protector, proudly boasting the same rugged strength, but for only 40% of the weight. With tools being notably weighty, the Peli Air range makes for a substantially tough, yet highly portable travel tool kit.

For this we would recommend the 1535 Air case and the 1465 Air case.

Off the shelf Peli toolboxes

For a ready-made tool control solution that can also perfectly accommodate custom foam inserts for your tools, should they be required, we would recommend the following cases:

0450 Protector Tool Chest

The 0450 Protector tool chest comes with the option of 4 shallow drawers and 2 deep, or 6 shallow drawers and 1 deep. Either configuration also features a removeable top tray.

1460 Protector tool case

The 1460 Protector tool case comes complete with adjustable and removable tray dividers for easy customisation of your tool kit. The top lid can be opened to 180° for on-the-field, anti-roll stability.

1630 Protector tool case

The Peli 1630 Protector Case can be modified to utilise 6 drawers that can be fitted with custom foam to protect tools in transit and storage.

Which inserts are best for a Peli tool case?

Every Peli case has multiple options when it comes to customisable inserts.

Custom foam

If you’re looking for a completely custom insert for your tool collection, Peli offer a made to measure custom foam cutting service. This type of insert is ideal, particularly for multiple cases that require a uniform setup. A custom foam insert will ensure that even tools varying in shape and size will fit perfectly into your Peli case.

Simply send our team an enquiry and we will be in touch as soon as possible to kickstart the design of your insert. Our case customisation services also include screen printing and custom decals, if required, to fully integrate your brand with your product.

Pick 'N' Pluck Foam

Another case insert option for Peli cases is Pick N Pluck foam, a pre-scored, cushioned foam that allows you to pluck out cubes of foam to create custom pockets. Simply pick out the scored layers where you want to place your tools to create your own custom insert. Take a look at our guide on how to set up Pick N Pluck foam for extra guidance.

Pick N Pluck foam is available either in layers, or as part of full foam set, which also includes a solid base foam and a convoluted lid foam, so you can rest assured your tools will be optimally protected.

Need more help?

If you require any further assistance in creating your custom Peli tool cases, please feel free to get in touch and a member of the Peli team will be happy to help!

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