Introducing the Peli 9050 Utility Light

The 9050 is the next generation of Peli high performance lighting. Featuring industry first technology, the flexible ‘Dual Fuel’ battery system that allows you to select between Rechargeable Li-ion, AA alkaline or AA NiMH cells.

Versatile Illumination

Switch between dedicated light Flood/Spot light modes to transform your 9050, providing up to 3369 Lumens – depending on the task and environment.

Simplified Docking

The 9050 features a quick-release charger base. A click sound verifies the fast & hassle-free dismounting and re-mounting of the light.

Adaptive Lighting

The 9050 directs light accurately, wherever and whenever you need it. Combine with a tripod (available separately) and rotate through 112.5°. With a sturdy base in vertical mode, place on a flat surface and angle the light head to provide perfect downward illumination.


The 9050 is waterproof with an IP67 rating, allowing you to keep the job illuminated through wet working conditions.

Shop Now

Shop the 9050 now and see full details on the product page, or check out the rest of our area lighting and torch ranges. Alternatively, book a demo with our sales team if you're looking for a hybrid light solution!

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