What is a Peli Case?

A Peli case is a brand of watertight hard cases manufactured by Peli, world-renowned for protecting important equipment in numerous industries. Every Peli case is waterproof, dustproof and crushproof and is covered by the famous Lifetime Guarantee. “You break it, we replace it. Forever.”

Although there are a number of ranges manufactured by the Peli brand, ‘Peli case’ usually refers to the original range, also known as the Protector range.

Why Buy a Peli?

The Peli Protector range has been established for over 40 years, with these virtually indestructible cases becoming the top choice worldwide amongst a vast array of customers in many different industries, ranging from the emergency services and the military, to photography, broadcasting and many more. Take a look at our testimonials page to see why Peli has always been the gold standard.

The Peli brand’s confidence in the quality of their cases means that even though they're built to last, for that extra peace of mind, each case in the Protector range also comes with the Peli Lifetime Guarantee. So, in the unlikely event that your case gets damaged, we will repair or replace it, free of charge, for life.

What Makes a Peli So Tough?

Peli Protector cases are tough by design and are manufactured with Copolymer Polypropylene, using an open cell core and solid wall construction, ensuring maximum strength and durability. Key features of a Peli case include:

Rubber O-ring seal: The rubber O-ring fits between the lid and body of the case, making sure that it is watertight when closed. Most cases have an IP67 rating.

Easy-open double-throw latches: Facilitates easy opening, whilst also ensuring that the case stays firmly closed, even when subjected to extreme movement or impacts.

Automatic Pressure Release Valve: Provides quick equalisation after a build-up of air pressure (such as on a flight), allowing the case to be opened easily at all times (preventing vacuum-lock). The valve allows air to flow, whilst keeping out water.

Reinforced padlock protectors: Ensure additional security against lock cutting and theft.

Stainless Steel pins: These are used in hinges and handles for extra strength.

Quiet Roll Wheels: Wheeled Peli cases feature durable, stainless steel, ball bearing wheels enabling them to roll smoothly.

Which Peli Case is Best for Me?

There are over 140 Peli cases to choose from in multiple colours and configurations across various ranges. From micro cases to protect small valuables, to military approved rack mount cases and everything in between, you're sure to find a Peli to suit you. The most popular ranges are as follows:

Protector Case

As discussed, Peli Protector cases are manufactured with Copolymer Polypropylene, using an open cell core and solid wall construction, ensuring maximum strength and durability. These hard protective cases have undergone strict tests for water and dust ingress protection, to achieve their IP67 rating and Stanag 4280/Def Stan 81-41 certification recognised by both the UK military and NATO.

Storm Case

Peli Storm cases are injection-moulded, waterproof protective cases. There are several key differences between Storm cases and the original Protector range, including Press & Pull latches, a Vortex valve and comfort-grip handles.

Air Case

Peli Air cases are very similar to their Protector counterparts, but up to 40% lighter. Designed to reduce structural waste while preserving the legendary Peli standards of strength. These ultra-light cases are moulded from the next generation of Pelican’s lightweight HPX™ resin, a proprietary formula that rebounds without breaking.

Case Customisation

As well as the ability to be configured with different accessories, including Lid Organisers, Panel Frames and Padded Dividers to fit your requirements, Peli can further tailor your case specifically to you with custom branded decals, nameplates and custom foam.

Want to Learn More?

To find out more about which Peli case is best suited to you, browse the full range here, or feel free to get in touch and one of our team members will be more than happy to help!

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