New EDC Peli G5 Personal Utility Field Wallet

The new Peli G5 Field Wallet is finally here! A crushproof, dustproof and hacker-proof wallet, designed to ensure your valuables are as safe as can be.

This compact Peli certainly packs a punch. And of course, it’s Guaranteed to last a Lifetime.


The wallet features:

  • Aircraft grade aluminium RFID-blocking shell
  • Crushproof & waterproof
  • IP67 rating
  • Interior elastomeric strap & mesh organiser

The G5 offers the ultimate protection for cards and cash. Credits cards use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to allow machines to scan them, leaving users vulnerable to ‘skimming’ attacks. The G5’s RFID-blocking shell is composed of a thin aluminium layer, protecting from these contactless attacks.

This everyday carry, pocket-sized Peli offers the same level of protection as some of the largest cases in our range! One of the most compact and secure EDC wallets on the market, protection is never compromised.

Shop the G5 Field Wallet today.

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