Best Sellers: Peli Torch Edition 

Peli lights have been the top choice for torches for years. With a rugged design and lifetime guarantee, they are an ideal choice for a range of professions. Popular Peli lights include, headtorches, ATEX approved torches, bright LED torches and plenty more...

To make your purchase decision a little easier, we’ve narrowed down our bestselling Peli torches, along with their pros and cons to help you find a torch to suit your needs.

2690 HeadsUp Lite Zone 0

This hands-free Peli light is compact, but powerful! The 2690 headtorch features a 90-degree pivoting head, a run time of 11 hours and is easily helmet mountable. This headtorch comes with 2 straps; one rubber head strap for helmets or hard hats, as well as an anti-static cloth head strap.

A simple yet powerful solution, this headtorch is a great pick and you can see why it’s most sold!

1975 LED Zone 0 Torch

The 1975Z0 ‘MityLite’ may be slim, but it’s just as tough and bright as the rest! The 1975 features an anti-static body and is engineered for tough working environments and has a clip for easy portability. This Peli light has a run time of 2.25 hours, making it ideal for quick jobs.

The 1975 Zone 0 also delivers on price, coming in at just £25.94, which of course includes the famous Peli Lifetime Guarantee, making this Peli light Ideal for day-to-day working.

“You break it, we replace it. Forever.”

2220 VersaBrite LED Zone 1

The hands-free torch with built-in clip is a popular pick amongst Peli customers. Not only does it have dual LEDs on either side, but the head also rotates 180 degrees, making the torch itself super versatile – the clue is in the name!

Popular with the emergency services, this clip-on torch offers hands-free operation and has a run time of 34 hours... Pretty impressive, if we do say so ourselves.

2755 Zone 0 Head Torch

The 2755Z0 has two light modes, flashing and spotlight and has a run time of up to 16 hours. This ultra compact and lightweight headtorch features a battery level indicator, as well as a pivoting head.

The Peli 2755 Zone 0 Headtorch was featured recently as part of leading specialist hire company, ESS’ most commonly used safety equipment kit.

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