How to change the latches on a Peli case

Every aspect of a Peli Case is built to last. There may come a time, however, when certain items, like a latch, need to be replaced. To find out how, take a look at our guide below, or watch the video tutorial:

Each latch is held in with stainless steel pins, and just like the case, they are built to stay in there for life, so there's a certain knack to removing them. As there are two different types of latches, there are two slightly different ways to replace them.

Most latches have pins that are visible from both sides, however, the 1200, 1300 and 1550 protector cases have pins with only one side visible.

Removing the old latches

Pins with both sides visible

Starting with the latch closed, use a flat head punch and a hammer to hit the head of the latch pin with force. If you don’t have a flat head punch to hand, a small Phillips head screwdriver, or even the new replacement pin will work just as well.

Repeat this process until the serrated end of the pin pops out at the opposite side of the latch as pictured above.
Use pliers to grip the serrated end of the pin and hammer them gently to remove the pin from the latch rib. Lift the latch to remove it.

Pins with one side visible

If your latch pin only has one visible side, hammer the punch until the pin is flush with the latch rib at the opposite side, but not sticking out.
Lift the latch and pull it away from the latch rib to remove it.

Installing the new latches

Place the new latch onto the lid and insert the latch pin smooth end first.

Use the pliers and hammer to drive the pin until it rests flush with the surface of the latch rib.

Your case should now be restored back to its former glory!

Lifetime Guarantee

Did you know that replacement parts such as latches are covered under the famous Peli Lifetime Guarantee? If you need to replace your latches, feel free to get in touch!

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