Emergency Service Heroes 2018

Winner: Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation

Read the Story Behind their Win

Here at Peli UK, we understand that everyday life as a member of the emergency services is no mean feat. It takes epic amounts of courage, determination, dedication and compassion to help others and save lives, day in, day out.

We see their incredible selflessness shine through during the toughest of times, and what we see on the news is just a drop in the ocean of what’s actually being done by these outstanding teams.

So we decided to run a competition to celebrate their selfless effort and to reward the winning organisation with £2,000 worth of Peli gear! Ater receiving over 1,000 nominations, we had the difficult task of picking a shortlist. That shortlist was then posted on our Facebook page for our followers to vote for who they want to win £2,000 worth of Peli gear.

The campaign is now over for this year, but keep an eye out as we may be back again next year!

Our 2018 Shortlist