As every protective case enthusiast will know by now, Peli offer a wide variety of cases in a whole host of different sizes - so how do figure out which one is the perfect fit for you? Fear not, as the following guide will demonstrate exactly how to use various useful features on our site, such as the category page filters, as well as the handy table view feature, to help you make your choice quickly and easily.

Looking for the full table in PDF format? Take a look at our latest case brochure, containing a handy Peli case size chart.

Refine your size

Within our category pages (the bridge between the homepage and the product, i.e., Cases, Protector, Storm, etc.), you’ll notice a ‘Refine your size’ filter option above the products:

After you’ve measured your items to work out your desired case size, simply enter the minimum internal length, width and depth you’d want from your case into the filter. Once applied, only the cases closest to the input dimensions will be displayed.

This tool also checks all possible orientations of your measurements to ensure that all the best options are offered.

Once the results have loaded, from here you can view the case’s individual dimensions on its product page, as per the example below, or you can switch to the table view on the category page (we’ll explain this below).

Head over to the Cases page now to test out this filter.

Table View

Another feature on the category page is the ‘Table View’:

If this option is selected, this will switch the view of all products from the standard ‘grid’ view, to a view that shows all products in a convenient table. This will allow you to see the exact dimensions of multiple cases at once without the need to click through to each product page.

Clicking on the table headings will change the sort order of the rows from ascending to descending. To head over to a specific product, just click on its name in the left most column.

Compare Case

If you have a selection of cases you can’t quite choose between, the compare tool will come in handy. If you're looking to find the equivalent size cases in different ranges, then the case comparison page is what you need. Simply click ‘Compare’ under the product image and it will be added to your comparison list, which shows the dimensions, range and price of each case, side by side. Any cases you’d like to compare can be added.

Once all the cases are added, you can access the comparison list from the dialogue box whenever a product is added to it, or at any time by following the link above the shopping basket icon. If you’re viewing on a mobile, you can find this link under the My Account menu.

Find Out More

If you need further assistance in choosing a case that’s the right size for you, our latest case brochure is available to download, containing a handy Peli case size chart. And of course, we are always on hand to help if you’d prefer to get in touch and speak to a member of our team directly.