Have some questions about TrekPak? See if it is answered below!

Q: How do I make the bend in my dividers like the perimeter has?

A: This type of cut is made using TrekPak-specific manufacturing equipment. TrekPak dividers work best in a grid formation anyway, as this provides structural support no matter what orientation the case gets used in. This makes the bend cut unnecessary in almost all cases.

Q: What if I want a case insert for a case not listed on the website?

A: We only support the models of cases that you see on our site at this time. We periodically expand our product offerings, however; the best way to stay informed is to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter or Instagram.

Q: Can I cut the divider system myself?

A: Yes! Insert kits a special cutter tool that can be used to make dividers that fit your gear. Here’s a video about how best to setup and cut your TrekPak.


Q: Can I order more pins and inserts without buying the entire insert?

A: We’re aiming to make extra pins and replacement parts available within a month of launching TrekPak, so hang tight, and we’ll have them for you soon.

Q: What exactly is TrekPak made from?

A: The dividers use a closed-cell water-repellent foam and the core is a corrugated material often found in the sign industry.

Q: What should I order if I want to put TrekPak in something other than a Peli Case?

A: The product is made from a semi-rigid material and the inserts designed specifically for the cases listed and therefore we cannot guarantee fit for anything other than that specific case.