• Tactical Torches

    The Peli range of tactical torches are designed with police, security and the military in mind. These military torches are all compact, lightweight and ultra bright... they are also incredibly rugged.

    Bright LED Torches for Police & Security

    The wide variety of features available across the range make these great police torches. From the handy, pocket sized 2350 to self programmable and rechargeable 7600, most of these military grade flashlights have multiple light mode and power settings available.

    Security torches need to be lightweight and compact, but still ultra bright, and Peli tactical torches tick all of these boxes. The majority are also waterproof (IPX7 or IPX8), making them suitable for any environment.

    Backed up by a Lifetime Guarantee

    All Peli torches are covered by the Lifetime Guarantee. These tough cookies don’t break often, but if they ever do, we’ll fix or replace them free of charge.

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    1. Peli 7600 LED
      7600 LED
    2. Peli 2350 LED
      2350 LED
    3. Peli 7100 LED
      7100 LED
    4. Peli 7070R LED Rechargeable
      7070R LED Rechargeable
    5. Peli 7110 LED
      7110 LED
    6. Peli 8060 LED
      8060 LED
    7. Peli 7000 LED
      7000 LED
    8. 7060 LED
      7060 LED
    9. Peli 7610 LED
      7610 LED
    10. Peli 7620 LED
      7620 LED