Instrinsically Safe Atex Torches

Peli offer the largest range of ATEX certified torches, including tough rechargeable, hands-free and head torches.

  1. Black Peli 2220 VersaBrite LED Zone 1
    2220 VersaBrite LED Zone 1
    From £30.01
  2. Black Peli 2745 HeadsUP Lite Zone 0
    2745 HeadsUP Lite Zone 0
    From £50.04
  3. Black Peli 2755 HeadsUP Lite Zone 0
    2755 HeadsUP Lite Zone 0
    From £55.06
  4. Yellow Peli 2410 StealthLite LED Zone 0
    2410 StealthLite LED Zone 0
    From £91.79
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These intrinsically safe torches are expertly designed for use in hazardous areas, where special precautions are required when using electrical equipment due to the presence or chance of explosive atmospheres.

Peli torches are rugged, durable and built to the high standard you’d expect, but for that extra piece of mind, Peli torches are covered against breakage and defective workmanship by the legendary Peli Lifetime Guarantee. Putting it simply… “You break it, we replace it, forever.”

What is an ATEX approved torch?

ATEX approved torches must comply with the ATEX Directive and meet the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commision) requirements to be classified as ATEX approved and certified by an approved body. The extensive range of Peli Zone 0 and Zone 1 torches comply with these standards.

Zone 0 & Zone 1 Torches

Zones denote the areas in which a torch is safe to use.

Zone 0 torches are safe to use in areas where an explosive atmosphere of gas, vapour or mist is continuously present, such as inside a subterranean petrol tank.

Zone 1 torches are safe to use in an area in which an explosive gas atmosphere is likely to occur in normal operation, i.e. around the petrol pump.

Intrinsically Safe Head Torches

We have a range of ATEX head torches available, allowing for hands-free lighting in hazardous environments, so you can focus on the work at hand.