CRM & Sales Coordinator

Sandi is affectionately known as Amphibat because of her need for reading glasses and occasional lapse of absent-mindedness (memory like a goldfish and vision of a bat). This nickname was given by her offspring who appear to have come through their upbringing unscathed despite being invisible at less than 5m and continually addressed by their wrong names.

She has an obsessive affection for Microsoft Excel, and can now offer anyone who’s interested stats on just about anything that can be converted to figures... she has yet to find anyone who is in fact interested, but that doesn’t stop her trying, bless her.

Sandi's favourite thing about Peli UK...

"Good people and forward thinking ethos."

What Bronya, one of Sandi's closest colleagues said her favourite thing is...

"Chippy Fridays."

Sandi's Biggest Strengths

According to Sandi...

Salesforce managment
Microsoft Excel reporting
Statistical analysis

According to Bronya...

Manning the air con like Zeus
Helpful like a guide dog for blind dogs
Happy like every stock image of a woman with a salad

Sandi's Daily Tasks

What Sandi claims...

  • Salesforce maintenance and reporting
  • Sales team task management
  • Performance analysis
  • Supporting colleagues

What Bronya said...

  • Solving my multiple midlife crises
  • Producing multiple reports on delicious things
  • Hot flush inducing love for Salesforce
  • Putting the EXCEL in excellent

...but what about Bronya?

"Though ask her what the hand sign for Crips gang rivals is and you’ll get ‘obod’ not ‘Bloods’."