Order Processing

Kelly joined us to work alongside Anita in Sales Order Processing. She was recommended to us by a previous employee who has, incidentally, now left the country and left no forwarding address. After working with Kelly for 10 months, Anita decided that she would prefer to retire. Photographed below on her first day at Peli; we think she has a different definition of "smart/casual" than we do.

Kelly has a strange fascination for Haribo and Fish & Chip flavoured biscuit snacks and lists her favourite Restaurant as the Cockadoodle-Moo meat shack; we do try to employ the more cultured of the locals. Glossop’s Culinary Society’s loss is our gain.

Kelly's favourite thing about Peli UK...

"Relaxed atmosphere."

What Gail, one of Kelly's closest colleagues said her favourite thing is...


Kelly's Biggest Strengths

According to Kelly...

Team working
Self motivation
Organisation and planning

According to Gail...

Feeling hungry whilst eating
Pretending to listen

Kelly's Daily Tasks

What Kelly claims...

  • Order processing
  • Payment checking
  • Price queries
  • Credit card protocol

What Gail said...

  • Planning her Wednesdays off
  • Booking holidays
  • Spreadsheeting her life
  • Being the Peli dinner time taxi

...but what about Gail?

"Gail doesn't suffer fools gladly. In fact, she doesn't suffer anyone gladly..."