Eric's first mugshot

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Born in Uruguay, of Welsh parents (this could explain his occasional schizophrenic behaviour). His rendition of Cwm Rhondda whilst dressed in full Gaucho attire brings tears to the eyes. Trust us.

Deported at an early age to the UK by the Uruguayan government on a trumped-up charge of ‘wrecking the national economy’, Eric maintains that he only damaged it a little bit.

Eric's well-known patience, tolerance and humour ensure that the working environment in the company is both happy and relaxed, he says. (Yeah, and Hannibal Lecter was a vegetarian…)

Eric was our CEO but is now retired from operational activities and has taken up residence in France.

It is said by some here that his move to France contributed to the referendum swing in favour of Brexit.

Harsh…but perhaps true.

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