Peli Storm Cases

The Storm range of lightweight hard cases have a number of unique features, making them a popular choice for protecting all kinds of equipment across a huge variety of industries.

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  1. Black Peli iM2100 Storm Case
    iM2100 Storm Case
    From £119.47
  2. OD Green Peli iM2075 Storm Case
    iM2075 Storm Case
    From £81.55
  3. Yellow Peli iM2050 Storm Case
    iM2050 Storm Case
    From £68.59
  4. OD Green Peli iM2620 Storm Case
    iM2620 Storm Case
    From £250.99
  5. Yellow Peli iM2750 Storm Case
    iM2750 Storm Case
    From £359.95
  6. OD Green Peli iM2500 Storm Case
    iM2500 Storm Case
    From £228.91
  7. Yellow Peli iM2300 Storm Case
    iM2300 Storm Case
    From £169.87
  8. Black Peli iM2400 Storm Case
    iM2400 Storm Case
    From £199.15
  9. OD Green Peli iM2720 Storm Case
    iM2720 Storm Case
    From £338.35
  10. Black Peli iM2975 Storm Case
    iM2975 Storm Case
    From £408.91
  11. Yellow Peli iM2200 Storm Case
    iM2200 Storm Case
    From £140.11
  12. iM2450 Storm Case
    iM2450 Storm Case
    From £209.23
  13. Black Peli iM2875 Storm Case
    iM2875 Storm Case
    From £367.63
  14. OD Green Peli iM2600 Storm Case
    iM2600 Storm Case
    From £212.59
  15. Yellow Peli iM2700 Storm Case
    iM2700 Storm Case
    From £248.59
  16. Yellow Peli iM2950 Storm Case
    iM2950 Storm Case
    From £370.99
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What is a Storm case?

A Storm Case is an injection-moulded protective case. Manufactured by Peli and otherwise known as Pelican Storm Cases in the US, there are a number of key differences between Storm cases and the original Protector range. Peli Storm cases are lighter, and feature Press & Pull latches, a Vortex valve and comfort-grip handles.

Press & Pull® Latches
Rugged In-Line Wheels
Vortex® Valve
Wide, Polymer Handles

Lightweight Hard Cases with the Same Super Strength

Storm cases are lighter than the traditional Peli Protector range, but they’re still incredibly strong, durable and watertight cases. Just like all Peli cases, they’re also impact resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures. The o-ring seal perfects these weatherproof cases.

Over the years, we’ve seen Storm cases put through some pretty rigorous testing, including being run over by enormous vehicles and thrown from considerable heights. The Storm range provides virtually indestructible cases, which are also covered by the legendary Peli Lifetime Guarantee.

What inserts are available for Peli Storm cases?

Pick 'n' Pluck foam sets are a popular choice, as the pre-scored form can be plucked out to create a foam insert tailored to your gear. Padded divider sets are a good alternative available for many cases, that enable a flexible configuration of internal compartments. TheTrekPak divider system is a simple but versatile solution to really make the most out of the space available.

Custom Foam Inserts and Case Customisation

If you’re serious about protecting you gear and want the most professional finish available, a custom foam insert designed to fit your needs is by far the best option. Many customisation options are available such as coloured foam, laser engraving, custom decals and nameplates. If you’re interested in exploring your options and would like a free, no obligation quote, please get in touch here.

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