• Peli Protector - Durable, Waterproof, Crushproof Cases

    Established for over 20 years, Peli are renowned for supplying superior quality waterproof protective cases to a vast array of customers, from military and emergency services, to photographers, musicians and broadcasting companies.

    Features and Certification

    The waterproof, crushproof and dustproof cases that make up the Peli Protector range are manufactured with Copolymer Polypropylene, using an open cell core and solid wall construction, ensuring maximum strength and durability.

    These hard protective cases have undergone strict tests for water and dust ingress protection, to achieve their IP rating and Stanag 4280/Def Stan 81-41 certification recognised by both the UK military and NATO.

    Easy-Open Latches
    O-Ring Seal
    Easy Grip Handles
    Stainless Steel Pins
    Automatic Pressure Release Valve
    Quiet Roll Wheels

    Learn more about the anatomy of a Peli Protector case.

    Accessories for Peli Protective Carry Cases

    There are a range of accessories available for Peli Protector case to suit all applications. Foam sets offer maximum protection and a tailored approach, whilst padded dividers and TrekPak are perfect for setups that regularly change. Panel frames assist in the installation of electronics into your case.

    Guaranteed for Life

    Every waterproof, crushproof case in the Peli Protector range comes with the legendary Lifetime Guarantee, protecting your case against defects in workmanship and breakages, for free, for life.

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    1. 1510 Protector Case
      1510 Protector Case
      From £196.19
    2. Black Peli 1200 Protector Case
      1200 Protector Case
      From £60.96
    3. Silver Peli 1150 Protector Case
      1150 Protector Case
      From £41.23
    4. Yellow Peli 1120 Protector Case
      1120 Protector Case
      From £34.30
    5. Orange Peli 1560 Protector Case
      1560 Protector Case
      From £220.92
    6. Desert Tan Peli 1400 Protector Case
      1400 Protector Case
      From £105.52
    7. Yellow Peli 1450 Protector Case
      1450 Protector Case
      From £122.68
    8. Orange Peli 1500 Protector Case
      1500 Protector Case
      From £150.07
    9. Orange Peli 1300 Protector Case
      1300 Protector Case
      From £71.92
    10. OD Green Peli 1170 Protector Case
      1170 Protector Case
      From £57.30
    11. Desert Tan Peli 1610 Protector Case
      1610 Protector Case
      From £297.98
    12. Desert Tan Peli 1600 Protector Case
      1600 Protector Case
      From £218.72
    13. Desert Tan Peli 1650 Protector Case
      1650 Protector Case
      From £326.83
    14. Silver Peli 1550 Protector Case
      1550 Protector Case
      From £188.05
    15. Black Peli 1620 Protector Case
      1620 Protector Case
      From £317.34
    16. Peli 1630 Protector Case
      1630 Protector Case
      From £418.87