• Peli Mobility Cases - All-Terrain Protective Cases

    Mobility Cases are all-terrain versions of popular transportable Peli Protector cases. They have a number of features that make them suitable for any environment.

    The larger, polyurethane wheels with stainless steel bearings make Mobility cases more stable on any terrain, from grass to gravel. The stability blocks at the base give extra stability, making it less likely to topple even in high winds.

    Whilst the addition of the larger wheels mean these cases don't offer the same IP67 protection as most Peli cases, they are still crushproof and offer water and dust protection.

    Heavy Duty Wheels
    Stability Blocks
    Telescopic Handles

    Covered by the Lifetime Guarantee

    Of course these cases are still covered by the Peli Lifetime Guarantee. You break it, we replace it. Forever.

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    1. Peli 1560 Mobility Case
      1560 Mobility Case
      From £383.08
    2. Peli 1510 Mobility Case
      1510 Mobility Case
      From £417.41
    3. Peli 1610 Mobility Case
      1610 Mobility Case
      From £463.06
    4. Peli 1620 Mobility Case
      1620 Mobility Case
      From £553.27