• Peli Micro Cases - Small Protective Cases

    A fraction of the size, but just as tough as the rest - the Peli Micro range is bursting with small hard carry cases designed to protect small items in need of waterproof, crushproof and dustproof protection.

    Available with<br> Pick 'n' Pluck Foam
    Covered by the<br> Lifetime Guarantee
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    1. Clear & Black Peli 1060 Micro Case
      1060 Micro Case
      From £30.28
    2. Clear & Black Peli 1050 Micro Case
      1050 Micro Case
      From £26.63
    3. Black Peli 1010 Micro Case
      1010 Micro Case
      From £21.88
    4. Yellow Peli 1040 Micro Case
      1040 Micro Case
      From £25.16
    5. Black Peli 1020 Micro Case
      1020 Micro Case
      From £22.61
    6. Yellow Peli 1030 Micro Case
      1030 Micro Case
      From £24.07
    7. Black Peli 1015 Micro Case
      1015 Micro Case
      From £21.88