• Peli Laptop Hard Cases

    If you need the ultimate protection for your laptop, a plastic hard case is the answer. Providing protection a soft bag simply cannot offer, the Peli range of waterproof laptop cases are near indestructible.

    Protective Laptop Cases for Flying

    Most travellers prefer to take their laptop in their carry-on for the best piece-of-mind, but with new airline regulations coming in on many flights, sometimes large electronic items such as laptops must be checked in. If this is the case, you’ll absolutely want the strongest plastic carry case possible.

    Protector & Storm - Larger Protective Laptop Cases

    Looking to store more in your hard case? Protector and Storm laptop cases are waterproof, virtually indestructible and offer more room to store laptop accessories, important documents and more.

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    1. Black Peli 1495CC1 Laptop Case (Tray & Lid Organiser)
      1495 Protector Laptop Case
      From £200.83
    2. Peli 1075 Laptop Case
      1075 Laptop Case
      From £45.90
    3. Peli 1490 Protector Laptop Case
      1490 Protector Laptop Case
      From £200.83
    4. Black Peli iM2370CC1 Storm Laptop Case
      iM2370 Storm Laptop Case
      From £201.98
    5. Peli 1560 Laptop Overnight Case
      1560 Laptop Overnight Case
    6. Black Peli iM2370CC1 Storm Laptop Case
      iM2370CC1 Storm Laptop Case
    7. Black Peli 1510 Laptop Overnight Case
      1510 Laptop Overnight Case