• Waterproof Camera Cases

    Peli offer a huge range of hard cases for cameras, suitable for photographers that frequently travel with their expensive equipment. Most of our rugged camera cases are rated IP67, offering waterproof and dustproof protection. Keep camera bodies, lenses and other equipment safe from harm with our hard camera cases.

    Who are Peli?

    The Peli brand is famous throughout the world (known as Pelican outside of Europe), for creating the plastic camera cases that are virtually indestructible. That’s why many professionals trust Peli to keep their camera gear safe, with some of the very best protective camera cases on the market.

    Guaranteed for Life

    Every Peli camera case is covered by the legendary Lifetime Guarantee – a simple, hassle-free policy that means, in the unlikely event of harm coming to your hard camera case, it’ll be repaired or replaced, no questions asked.

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    Compact Camera Cases to Large Photography Cases

    Whether you need a small plastic carry case such as the Peli 1400 to protect your favourite DSLR, or a large, wheeled and waterproof camera case for all your gear such as the 1650, you will be able to find something to suit in the Peli range.

    For travelling photographers, the 1510 Protector has been the staple DSLR protective case for many years. It is available with padded dividers, the ingenious TrekPak divider system or with pre-scored pluckable foam and qualifies as carry-on luggage with most airlines. It has wheels and a retractable handle, making it particularly easy to transport your gear around safely.

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    1. Peli 0915 Memory Card Case
      0915 Memory Card Case
    2. Peli 0945 Memory Card Case
      0945 Memory Card Case
    3. Yellow Peli 1450 Protector Case
      1450 Protector Case
      From £122.68
    4. Peli 1465 Air Case
      1465 Air Case
      From £276.26
    5. Silver Peli 1485 Air Case
      1485 Air Case
      From £184.44
    6. Orange Peli 1500 Protector Case
      1500 Protector Case
      From £150.07
    7. Orange Peli 1507 Air Case
      1507 Air Case
      From £201.14
    8. 1510 Protector Case
      1510 Protector Case
      From £196.19
    9. Black Peli 1510 Studio Case
      1510 Studio Case
    10. OD Green Peli 1520 Protector Case
      1520 Protector Case
      From £176.36
    11. Black Peli 1525 Air Case
      1525 Air Case
      From £212.41
    12. Black Peli 1535 Air Case
      1535 Air Case
      From £245.39
    13. Silver Peli 1550 Protector Case
      1550 Protector Case
      From £188.05
    14. Yellow Peli 1555 Air Case
      1555 Air Case
      From £239.12
    15. Yellow Peli 1557 Air Case
      1557 Air Case
      From £253.32