The best Peli cases for a DSLR and accessories

If you want to keep your DSLR and its accessories safe from damage, you can’t go wrong with a Peli case. The renowned Peli range sports protective solutions for your camera, lenses and SD cards, as well as e-Readers, smartphones and much more.

For those who like to take their equipment on the go, whether for work or leisure, we’ve found the best Peli cases for DSLR cameras and accessories for you to choose from. Read on to learn more.

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The best Peli case for photographers

As a photographer, you’ll want to keep your equipment safe at all costs and a Peli case can help you do just that. The range has a selection of rugged cases that will help to keep your photography gear free from harm, no matter what gets thrown its way.

The Peli 1510 protector case is the perfect companion for any photographer on-the-go, and one of the best hard cases for camera equipment and accessories that we offer. The Peli 1510 is waterproof, corrosion-proof, dustproof, crushproof and the interior is fully customisable with TrekPak inserts. Better yet, it comes with the Peli Lifetime Guarantee, so if you break it, we’ll replace it free of charge - for life!

The Peli lifetime guarantee

Protect your DSLR and accessories

Whether you’re a photography student or full-time photographer, it’s likely that your DSLR isn’t the only thing you carry when going to and from a shoot. Therefore, it’s important to opt for a case that fits all of your accessories within it, too.

With our TrekPak inserts, you can transform any of our hard camera cases into a customised transport system for your photography kit. TrekPak allows you to personalise the inside of your case with ease, so that you can make the most of your space without sacrificing safety.

As well as this, we also provide protective solutions for your SD cards. SD cards that get wet, or are exposed to too much heat, can easily become damaged and unreadable, so make sure they’re protected with our memory card cases.

Opt for the 0915 memory card case or it’s smaller sibling, the 0945, for the ideal safety solution for your data.

Custom foam inserts for extra protection

For an added level of security, it’s wise to opt for a camera case with custom foam inserts. We provide a high-quality custom foam insert service allowing you to create a bespoke piece that houses each and every piece of your photography equipment; no matter how small and fiddly.

The addition of foam gives you extra peace of mind that your equipment will be safe, as it gives extra security against external impact.

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