The risks with buying a knock-off Peli case

If you’re looking for protective cases online, you’re likely to come across a whole range of cheap options, some of which may claim to be a genuine Peli case. These cheap Pelican case knock offs will certainly not be up to the high Peli standards, and may put your gadgets and kit at risk of damage. Take a look at our guide below to make sure you’re buying a genuine Peli case, instead of a poor quality Peli case alternative!

What are the risks of buying a knock-off Peli case?

When you buy a knock-off Peli case, you risk missing out on all the benefits that Peli is known for. Take a look below to find out what problems you could encounter with a knock-off case.

Poor quality

Peli is known for its high quality cases, used by militaries, emergency services and professionals all over the world. When you opt for a knock-off case, you’re unlikely to get a product that is as durable and reliable. So you and your case contents could end up paying a much greater price than the what you’d save on a cheap imitation.

Inadequate protection 

Nearly every case in the Peli Protector, Storm and Air ranges has an IP rating of 67. This means that you can be confident that anything you put into your case is protected from dust and water damage. Although many knock-off brands may claim to have an IP rating, you’ll often find this is not genuine and that your case won’t stand up to test, putting your possessions at risk of significant damage.

No Lifetime Guarantee

Peli cases come with a lifetime guarantee, which means if your case ever breaks or has a fault, it’ll be replaced or repaired without question. It goes without saying that this won’t be honoured if you buy a fake Peli case, so it pays to spend extra time ensuring your case is genuine.

How to tell if your Peli case is genuine

There are a few simple ways that you can check if your Peli case is genuine. Carry on reading to find out how!

Check where your buying it from

The easiest way to make sure you’re purchasing a genuine Peli protective case is to buy it directly from Peli UK. This is the only guaranteed way to make sure you’re getting one of the legendary Peli cases, and not just a cheap plastic case with foam. Take a look at our range of protective cases here.

Look for the logo

A key aspect of genuine Peli cases that is often missing or incorrect on knock-off cases is the distinctive logo. Take a look at the case carefully before you buy, making sure there is a logo on the case, and that it matches the one that you can see on our website. If it’s not the right logo, it’s not a genuine case!

Pressure equalisation valve

One of the great features of a Peli case is the pressure equalisation valve, that balances the pressure inside and outside of the case, making sure your case is always easy to open. Knock-off cases which claim to have this valve are often not up to scratch. So make sure to spend some time looking for the iconic Peli tag around the valve for Protector and Air Cases, or the Vortex® engraving in the pressure equalisation valve of a Storm Case.

These simple tips will help you to make sure you keep your gadgets and kit safe from water, dust and knocks with a genuine Peli case.

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