Peli Case Survives 1 Month in the Sea

Now, we very, very occasionally like to brag how fantastic Peli cases are. But… is this one of those times? We hear you ask. Perhaps.

Meet the 1400 Protector Case that survived one month at sea!

Dr. Michael Townsend, Marine Ecologist, lost his 1400 whilst working in the Kaipara Harbour in New Zealand earlier this year. Swept away into the sea, he thought both his case and gear were long gone. Until one month later, he was contacted by a kind man by the name of John, claiming that he had found his case. Not in the Kaipara Harbour, but over 55 miles away in the Awhitu Peninsula. Which we estimated, using a cheeky bit of Pythagoras, is around about a 130-mile journey by sea.

Of course, the case survived and was in full working order, but did Michael’s Gear?

“When the case was opened it was clear there hadn’t been any leaks and the O-ring had worked a treat (slight moisture inside was from condensation only). All my gear was returned to me (by a kind soul called John) and my phone was working fine. I’d entirely given up hope of getting it back and some people I spoke to, reckoned it would be on the bottom of the ocean.”

The west coast of New Zealand landscape is renowned for its unforgiving rocks, ginormous swells and harsh marine conditions. Michael’s plucky 1400 would have been pounded every step of the way before arriving Awhitu Peninsula. “The case had definitely been floating around for the month it was lost with its seal below the water line – you could tell just by the size of the goose barnacles which had started to encrust it.” Michael added. “I knew Pelican Cases were waterproof, but I didn’t think they were THAT waterproof!”


130 miles and a month at sea. Even we think that is extremely impressive! Michael’s 1400 claims to have found The Lost City of Atlantis on its travels, and is now best friends with The Little Mermaid. The case is still in use to this day, with Michael planning on taking it on his next expedition in the Antarctic. Stay tuned to find out if it is Penguin proof…. Oh actually, we already know the answer to that.

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