How to measure your photography gear

Camera equipment storage cases are an essential for any photographer, to help keep your kit safe. With hundreds of cases on the market, if can be difficult to figure out what will be able to fit your needs (and all of your gear too!).

No matter whether you’re on the hunt for wheeled equipment cases, or a plastic flight case with foam, this handy guide will help you find the perfect Peli case for you! Read on to find out more.

Work out how you'll use your case

The first step to choosing your perfect case is figuring out exactly what you’re going to use it for. Will it be for studio shoots or general photography? Will you be travelling with the case? If you are, you’ll need to make sure it’s an appropriate size to comply with hand luggage restrictions.

If you’re looking for a case for a specific piece of kit, such as a GoPro case, you should take this into consideration and see what hard cases are available.

Figure out what gear you'll need

Once you’ve figured out where you’ll be taking your case, and what you’ll be using it for, the next step is to work out what gear you’ll need to be able to fit in it. Remember, you’ll likely need to carry more than just your camera. Other things to think about include:

  • Laptops for image editing
  • Spare batteries
  • Extra lenses
  • Lights
  • Memory cards
  • Cables and chargers

Lay it out

Next, gather all your items together and lay them out next to each other. Think about where you may want to position things, for example, keeping all your cables together and making sure your extra lenses are next to your camera for a quick switch.

Once you’ve found an order that suits you, measure the length, width and depth of all your items. Don’t worry if you think you’ll need to rearrange your case in future - this is just to find the minimum case size you’ll need for your gear.

Find your case

To find suitable cases for you, head to our protective cases page, and using the filters on your left, input the measurements you’ve just taken. The cases that appear are all suitable for your needs, so take some time to look through them, thinking about what style you’d prefer and if you may need extra room in the future.

Choose your foam

The final step to putting together your perfect case is to think about foam. Foam is key to keep your kit safe and secure, but there are a lot of options if you’re looking for equipment cases with foam.

Lid foam

It’s not just the body of your case that needs foam, your lid should be lined with foam too. Choose from a standard foam insert, or if you need to carry a laptop or many accessories, opt for a lid organiser on certain items in the Peli Range.

Pick 'N' Pluck 

Pick ‘n’ pluck foam is divided into small cubes which can easily be plucked out, allowing you to make the perfect foam insert, tailored specifically to your gear. There are some key things to consider for Pick ‘n’ Pluck foam, like the distance between items to ensure sufficient protection. This could impact your required case size. So, be sure to check out our demo video here.


TrekPak is a customisable divider system for your Peli case, allowing you to adjust the layout of spaces within your case quickly and easily. This is a great option if you’re going to regularly update your kit or use your case for multiple tasks.

Padded dividers

Padded dividers are another great option if you’re going to be regularly changing and re-organising your kit. Dividers of different sizes can quickly be added or removed, making a truly customisable option for your case.

Custom foam inserts 

If you want your camera and accessories to be as snug as possible, or you’ve got particularly delicate pieces of kit, consider getting a custom foam insert for your case. This will make sure that your items fit perfectly, and are safe from damage.

These easy steps will make sure that you get the case that is just right for your needs. Take a look at our range of cases here to find your perfect solution today!

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