How to add Pick ‘n’ Pluck foam to a Peli case

If you’re new to Pick 'n' Pluck foam, it’s a useful tool that allows you to customise the interior of your Peli case with ease. The foam set uses a combination of cubed foam inserts, base foam and lid foam to provide the ultimate protection for your case and contents within it.

Pick ‘n’ Pluck foam allows you to use the space inside your case more effectively, all whilst providing an extra level of protection for your essential equipment. Better yet, you don’t need any specialist equipment to use it, making it easier than ever to create your own personalised foam case. To learn how to add Pick ‘n’ Pluck foam to a Peli case, read on to discover our top tips.

1. Select your foam

Firstly, you will need to select the right foam for your Peli case. In the Peli UK store, you can purchase foam sets that fit within your specific Peli case. These sets contain base foam, lid foam and the Pick ‘n’ Pluck foam that can be customised to fit your equipment cosily and comfortably within the case.

You can purchase these separately or you can buy a case with foam, which comes with all the different types of foam needed for your Peli case. Find the right foam for your case here.

2. Lay your equipment on top of your foam

Once your base foam and lid foam is in place, add your Pick ‘n’ Pluck on top of the base so that your case is filled with foam. Now it’s time to lay out your equipment!

You’ll want to make sure that all your essential equipment fits within the case, however, make sure to leave at least a 1 cube thick wall between individual pieces to prevent them knocking together. Be mindful that a couple of extra cubes between pieces would give you even better protection, especially if your items are heavy.

3. Mark the position of each item

For this step, you’ll need some cocktail sticks or matches to use as markers, by slotting them upright into the foam. Use your markers to create an outline of each item that you have lay on top of the foam. Alternatively, use a small piece of chalk to draw an outline of your items and rub this off later on.

Once this is done, you can remove your items so that you’re left with the outlines in the foam.

4. Pick 'N' Pluck

Now for the fun part, it’s time to ‘pick n pluck’ the individual cubes of foam! You can use your hands or a knife for this step. Use your markers as a guide and pick the squares out of the foam, so that it will fit your equipment within it. If you have more than one cubed foam sheet within your case, you will need remove shapes from the other layers too. Simply follow the same process as you did with the first layer, using the matchstick / cocktail stick method.

If you have an item that you want in a pocket of a shallower depth than the rest, you can use the sections you’ve already removed from the pick ‘n’ pluck foam to create an in-pocket platform for your item. Simply take a piece of Pick ‘n’ Pluck foam you removed to make the pocket, cut the foam down to the right depth, and it slot back into the pocket.

5. Check your alterations

Add all of your equipment back into the newly cut foam to see if your alterations are correct. You should be able to fit your kit in the foam snugly, and you should be able to close the case without force. If you need to make any changes, use the markers again and pick out the appropriate squares of foam.

If you get stuck or you need more guidance, we have a YouTube video showing how to do all the steps above. Once this is done you’ll have your very own customised case with foam padding. Browse the foam collection to find the right foam for your Peli case.

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