How do intrinsically safe torches work?

For those who work in hazardous environments, it’s incredibly important that safety processes and tools are in place to ensure their safety and that of their team. ATEX approved equipment, such as our range of intrinsically safe torches, help to reduce the risk of explosion when working in flammable or unpredictable environments. But just how do these torches work?

What is an intrinsically safe torch?

An intrinsically safe torch may appear similar to other LED torches, but are specially engineered to prevent sparks and explosions of gases and chemicals for the safety of those working in hazardous environments. This frequently includes the emergency services, armed forces or specialist engineering services.

How do intrinsically safe torches work?

There are a number of ways in which intrinsically safe torches prevent any possible sparks or explosions.

Preventing Sparks

When switching a torch on, or during use, there is a potential that the internal electronic components may cause a small spark. If the torch is being used in an environment where there are flammable gases or liquids, this spark could result in a dangerous ignition and present a large safety risk. Intrinsically safe torches are built in a way that minimises the risk of a spark, helping to keep your working environment safe.

Controlling temperature

When being used over long periods of time, the components of a torch can become hot. In an ATEX approved torch, the temperature increases are minimal, which reduces the risk of igniting any hazardous substances in the environment.

Other features

Other features are built into intrinsically safe torches to help minimise the risk of using them in hazardous environments.

Hydrogen removal

Hydrogen is an easily flammable gas, so its presence needs to minimised within torches to ensure that heat or sparks from the internal workings do not cause an ignition. This can be done in a number of ways, including O-Ring seals that prevent gases and vapours from entering the torch, or by including hydrogen-absorbing materials within the torch.

Battery polarity tray

If batteries are inserted into a torch the wrong way round, this may cause a spark or electrical short, which can ignite gases in the environment. A battery polarity tray stops the torch from working at all if batteries are inserted incorrectly, helping to reduce the risk of a spark.

Peli ATEX approved torches

Here at Peli UK, our range of torches contains a large number of ATEX approved models which will help to keep you safe, no matter what environment you’re working in. Click here to buy torches online, or simply find out more about our ATEX approved range. No matter whether you’re looking for an intrinsically safe head torch, hand torch or area lighting, you’re sure to find something that will fit your needs in our range.

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