What is the difference between Peli and Pelican?

Pelican Products Inc is an internationally operated company, based just south of Los Angeles in Torrance, California, specialising in the design and manufacture protective cases, torches and portable lighting systems. Pelican cases have remained the industry favourite for the last forty years, chosen by a devoted fan base worldwide, ranging from construction workers, to multinational organisations, to professional photographers.

But what is the difference, exactly?

Peli is simply the brand name of Pelican throughout Europe. So the world’s toughest and most dependable products remain the same, but the branding is different.

The Pelican Story

In 1976, Dave Parker, an avid diver since the age of 11, harboured a desire to develop unique and practical products for the dive market. Along with his wife Arline, Dave set out to set up a mail-order business for these innovative new products from his California garage. Dave put in a mammoth amount of hard work in the years following, with Pelican Products becoming a success with its first product patent, the Pelican Float, subsequently followed soon after by the SabreLite torch and the Protector Case.

In 2004 Pelican Products was acquired by private equity investment firm Behrman Capital and not long after, in 2006 Lyndon J. Faulkner made the transition to Pelican from his position as North American Operations manager at the Microsoft Corporation, and was appointed as Pelican’s CEO. A move that saw accelerated growth within Pelican Products, resulting in global expansion, manufacturing facilities and the launch of the Advanced Area Lighting Group.

The end of 2008 saw Pelican make its largest acquisition ever when it purchased competitor, Hardigg Industries. This almost doubled the size of the operation, placing it as the largest manufacturer of equipment protection cases in the world

Pelican Products, Inc. Headquarters

Peli Europe

Peli Products, S.L.U launched as the European Headquarters for Pelican Products, Inc. in 1997. Barcelona, Spain, was the chosen location, due to its high-quality port and reputation for hard-working, industrious citizens.

Peli was developed to better understand the needs of Pelican customers and the European marketplace, serving each of the European Union countries, as well as over twenty five countries across Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Peli UK

Based just outside of Manchester, UK, Peli UK has been established for over 25 years and is the official distributor of Peli protective cases, torches and portable lighting systems in the United Kingdom. Peli UK is an ISO registered company, priding itself on outstanding customer service and ease of use for businesses to purchase Peli products online.

The Peli UK Group

Over the years of selling cases, Peli UK began to recognise the need for bespoke inserts, custom cut to hold valuable items. As a result of this, in 2012 Peli UK acquired foam solution packaging specialist, MSA Foams, based in Dorset, UK.

Looking for a custom foam insert?

Peli UK have invested heavily in the latest technology, foam routing equipment, and a solid design team to ensure a premium quality custom foam design and manufacturing service. Looking for a custom foam insert of your own?



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