What's the difference: Classic-V vs Super-V Rack Mount Cases

There are two ranges of Peli rack mount cases – the Classic-V and the Super-V. There are a lot of similarities between the ranges which can make it hard to know what’s best, but this post aims to solve this problem.

Shared features of the Peli Rack Cases

Both ranges are built utilising a full-boxed 483mm steel rack with an industry-standard square hole pattern, to make hanging electronics with tab mounts easy. The cases include clip nuts which can be attached to the square holes to create a secure, threaded mount.

The Classic-V and the Super-V cases both feature 8 heavy duty rubber shock mounts which isolate the frame inside the shell to reduce damaging repetitive stress from vibrations. The polymer outer shells of the cases absorb impacts, and the shock mount inside dissipate residual movement.

All Peli Classic-V and Super-V cases are rated for equipment loads up to 77kg. Mating columnar ribs create a rigid shell and also provide secure stacking of same-size cases.

Both also feature a manual purge valve which allows you to easily equalise the air pressure in the case, preventing vacuum-lock.

The lids of the rack mount cases include a fully sealed O-ring gasket that works with the purge valve to make the case fully watertight.

What's the difference between Super-V and Classic-V?

The Super-V and Classic-V present two tiers of performance.

The Classic-V series has a 838mm depth frame and has longer shock mounts and a larger sway space between the rack and shell. This case also has 4 removable heavy-duty casters and stainless steel handles. These handles are spring loaded – they lay flat and snap back into place after use.

The Super-V series has a 610mm deep frame and uses shorter shock mounts for compact case dimensions. This case uses edge casters which allow the case to be rolled and features moulded comfort-grip handles which are easy to use with gloves.

The Super-V series is recommended for moderately fragile equipment whilst the Classic-V is recommended for ultra fragile equipment.

Sizes available of Peli Rack Cases

Super-V: 3U, 4U, 5U, 7U, 9U, 11U, 14U

Classic-V: 3U, 4U, 5U, 7U, 9U

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If you’d like more information on our rack mount cases or any other Peli products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – a member of our sales team will be happy to help.

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