The best protective case for the Apple Macbook Pro 15”

The Apple MacBook Pro 15” comes with all the bells and whistles. It’s fast, powerful, and showcases a great display.

Investing in a protective Macbook case to keep this revolutionary piece of kit safe and secure would definitely be a wise choice. Read on to find out about the best Apple laptop case for you!

The Peli 1095 15" Laptop Case

The Peli 1095CC 15.6” Laptop Case is a crushproof, dustproof Macbook hard case that features an innovative moulded plush shock-absorbing liner, so if you accidentally drop your case, your Apple Macbook Pro 15” remains protected from impact, and the liner won't scratch your laptop.

1095 15.6" Laptop Case with foam set

As the latest 4th Gen models of the Macbook Pro 15” are slightly smaller than the 3rd Gen models, the Peli 1095 15.6” Laptop case is also available with the option of Pick 'n' Pluck foam rather than the liner, allowing the case to be designed to perfectly fit your Macbook and provide the ultimate crushproof protection.

Macbook cases don’t get much tougher than this. 

And if you still need that extra peace of mind, the The Peli 1095 15.6” Laptop case is covered for life under the legendary Peli Lifetime Guarantee. “You break it, we replace it. Forever.”

The perfect travel buddy

The Apple Macbook Pro 15” packs a powerful processor into a lightweight, portable body that makes working on the go a breeze - a feature that this rugged laptop case goes hand in hand with.

Both the CC and the Pick N Pluck foam versions of the case come with a removable shoulder strap and feature an automatic pressure release valve. This valve ensures that the case can still be opened with ease after any changes in air pressure, making them the perfect case to take onboard a flight. It also has non-skid rubberised feet, allowing you to work from your Macbook from inside the case, regardless of location.

Find the best laptop case for you

No Macbook? No problem! The Peli 1095 will hold most laptops up to 15.6”.

Be sure to browse the whole range to find the best laptop case for you.

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