The best protective case for the 3rd Gen Apple Macbook Pro 13”

The Apple MacBook Pro 13” is lightweight, streamlined and extremely powerful, so it’s definitely time to start thinking about investing in a protective carry case, to protect your little beauty while you’re out and about. Not sure where to start? Read on to find a Macbook case that works for you!

The Peli 1070CC 13" Laptop Case

As rugged as it gets

The Peli 1070CC 13" Laptop Case has moulded-in liner is made from shock-absorbing foam, so it isn’t going to be an issue if you accidentally drop your case. The 1070CC has an easy open latch, as well as two padlockable hasps for that extra peace of mind. This protective laptop case is as rugged as it gets. 

At Peli UK, we’re that confident about the strength of this case, that it’s covered for life under the Peli Lifetime Guarantee. “You break it, we replace it. Forever.”

The best Macbook hard case for travel

The Macbook Pro breathes new life into netbook portability with its stylish, razor thin body. This powerful piece of kit is perfect for working on the go, and coupled with the Peli 1070CC 13” Laptop Case, you have the ideal travel combination.

The case comes with a convenient shoulder carrying strap, and its non-skid, rubber feet mean you use easily work from your Macbook Pro from inside the case wherever you are.

The automatic pressure release valve also ensures that the case can still open easily after changes in air pressure - perfect for a flight!

Browse the full range of laptop cases

If that sounds all well and good to you, but you’re not looking for a case for the Apple Macbook Pro 13”, then not to worry! Whether you have a Macbook or a laptop, be sure to browse the whole range to find the best laptop case for you.

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