The best Peli bundles for photographers

As a photographer, your best and most valuable asset will be your photography gear. After spending years curating the perfect collection, the last thing you want is for it to get damaged. That’s why investing in the perfect Peli case bundle is the best way to keep your equipment safe for years to come.

We’ve put together the best hard cases for camera equipment from the renowned Peli range; providing you with the best options on the market to keep your photography kit protected.

The Starter Bundle 

For those new to protective camera cases and looking for an affordable starting point, a small Protector case is the perfect choice. Whatever gear you wish to carry around with you on your shoots, they’ll be kept safe and snug in one of these durable cases.

Take the Peli 1120 Protector case, for example. It’s just the right size to house your essential equipment, and the case’s corrosion-proof, dustproof, crushproof and waterproof exterior will protect the photography equipment inside from all the elements.

And of course, don’t forget about your memory cards. These can be easily damaged by heat, dust or water, so keep them safe and sound with a Peli 0915 memory card case.

The Ultimate Protection Bundle

If you’re looking for total protection for your camera and it’s accessories, then a hard shell camera case with TrekPak inserts is the best option for you. With the Peli 1510 Protector case you’ll have peace of mind that your kit is protected from dust, water and corrosion.

When you add a the corresponding Peli 1510 TrekPak inserts you’ll take your kit’s security to the next level. By making the investment with a tough Peli 1510 case, you’ll have a loyal friend for life with its Lifetime Guarantee.

Even better yet, the Peli 1510 is hand luggage sized, so you won’t have to worry about complying with restrictions when travelling with your kit.

The Travel Bundle

For photographers on the go, you’ll need a lightweight carry case to keep your photography gear safe when travelling from shoot to shoot. The Peli 1535 Air Case and Peli 1615 Air Case are the ideal options for those who want to transport their kit with ease. These cases come with roller wheels and are up to 40% lighter than other polymer cases, so you won’t have any trouble transporting your photography equipment and keeping it safe and sound.

Despite being lightweight and easy to carry, it doesn’t sacrifice on safety. The Peli 1535 and the Peli 1615 are both crushproof, dustproof and waterproof so you won’t need to worry about your valuables getting damaged. Simply add the 1615 padded dividers or the 1535 padded dividers to the mix and you’ll have all the tools you need to transport your gear safely.

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