A guide to the Peli intrinsically safe torches

If you work in the emergency services or in hazardous environments, you’ll know the importance of making sure that your equipment meets the required safety standards. Intrinsically safe torches, which are ATEX certified, are a key part of any kit if you’re working in a hazardous environment. Here at Peli UK, we have a great range of ATEX torches that will meet your requirements. Find out more about our ATEX range here.

What is an intrinsically safe torch?

If you’re working in a hazardous environment, you need to make sure that all of your equipment protects yourself and your colleagues from harm. Intrinsically safe torches are a type of explosion-proof LED torch that are certified as being safe for use in hazardous environments. These safety torches will not cause a spark or ignition of any chemicals or gases in the area where you’re working.

How are they ATEX certified?

A safety torch must comply with the ATEX Directive and meet the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commision) requirements to be classified as ATEX approved and certified by an approved body. The extensive range of Peli Zone 0 and Zone 1 torches comply with these standards, meaning professionals working in high risk industries can be confident that Peli offers products with the safety approvals needed for these situations.

Which torches can be used where?

ATEX approved torches are needed for use in a range of hazardous conditions. These conditions are identified as an ATEX Zone in a torches certification.

Zone 0

Zone 0 torches are safe to use in areas where an explosive atmosphere of gas, vapour or mist is continuously present, such as inside a subterranean petrol tank.

Zone 1

Zone 1 torches are safe to use in an area in which an explosive gas atmosphere is likely to occur in normal operation, i.e. around the petrol pump. As Zone 0 models are safe to use in the more hazardous environments, they are also completely safe to use in Zone 1 environments.

Peli ATEX torches

Here at Peli UK, we have a range of ATEX certified torches, including a complete selection of handheld and head mounted torches, suitable for any situation. Take a look below to find out which torch suits your needs best.

Handheld torches

There are a number of handheld torches in the Peli ATEX range. All of our ATEX approved torches are lightweight and high performance, so can be relied upon in even the toughest of situations.

The ATEX range of torches are intrinsically safe, which means that they are designed for use in unpredictable and high-risk situations.

If you need a robust and reliable handheld torch, look no further than our wide range of range of torches, designed, built and manufactured with your safety in mind.

Head torches - hands-free, intrinsically safe headlamps

For hands-free lighting, a head mounted torch is a great option. Our range of ATEX approved LED head torches are ultra compact and lightweight, which makes them comfortable and easy to wear over long periods.

Whether you’re looking for a robust, waterproof headlamp to light your way, or a rechargeable, intrinsically safe head torch for any high-risk working environment, you’ll be in safe hands with our head torch range.

The Peli Lifetime Guarantee

Our ATEX torch range comes with the Peli Lifetime Guarantee, meaning that your torch is protected against breakage or faults for as long as you have your torch. This means that you can rest safe in the knowledge that your trusty ATEX torch will be on hand to help you for many years to come.

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