A Colourful Addition To The Peli Air Range

We have some exciting news for you all! The new Peli Air cases, in three new colours, have landed!

The Air models 1485 to 1605 are now available in yellow, silver, orange and black. But don't worry, they are still up to 40% lighter. The cases are manufactured from the lightweight HPX2 resin which rebounds from stress without breaking, retaining the strength and durability of the original Peli Protector case range.

The cases are available empty for storing and transporting items which do not require additional protection, but we offer several ways to configure the interior to enhance protection and organisation. These include full foam sets where the pick and pluck foam can be quickly customised, the yellow padded dividers that offer greater versatility and visibility for even the smallest components. Your Air case can even include the brand new TrekPak system, which comprises of divider panels, locking pins and a precision cutting tool to fully customise the interior.

Discover more about the Air case range here.

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