Peli Protective Cases - 10 alternative uses

Sometimes things are at their best when they are used outside of their intended function. The inaugural item in this category is, of course, the traffic cone, known for its usefulness in voice projection and accessorising statues of dead monarchs.

However, one mustn't ignore other notable items that also fit the bill, such as marker pens - for the annotation of drunken friends, and, how could I forget, helium - to aid in making a alarmingly convincing voicemail message from your 'new girlfriend' on your phone, to play to your Mum with the hope that she'll stop asking you when she'll have grandchildren... No? Just me? OK. Moving on...

Thanks to our ingenious customers, Peli Cases are challenging to become the newest addition to this prestigious group of products. Here's how they did it.

Add a few inches with a Peli Camera Case - Perfect for the vertically challenged photographer

With many of our staff, including myself, knowing full well the toil of spending our formative years stuck at the front row of school photos, we feel the pain of any vertically challenged individuals. So it gives us great comfort that the Peli cases are there not just to protect photographers’ gear, but can also give them those extra few inches, especially when you’re working with models that look like they were already six foot tall, bench pressing fridges and wrestling bears by the age of eleven.

Use your case as a seat in the wilderness

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Comfort is relative. To those who stand all day for work, a chance to sit down is a blessing. For those who sit at a desk all day, lying in a sofa is what they yearn. So with a derrière faced with the harshness of a mountain, the solid exterior of a Peli case, feels like a plush, fleece coated, double soft mattress with feather pillows. Affording this Peliever the time to reflect on his surroundings and blend effortlessly into his surroundings…

Improve your communication skills

According to scientists, sharks are just lonely dolphins that haven’t been spooned. The trouble is, they’re so far into the depths of aggression and sadness, giving them a gentle spooning nowadays will result in you never being able to play the trombone again. Sharks have trust issues, you see. But worry not, the Peli cases, smeared in marmalade (apparently they love the stuff), are proving to be a great vehicle in making that vital first step in developing shark to human relations.

Beat the baggage handlers with unrivalled protection

Over the years budget airlines have made air travel much more accessible to all. But in these trying times, we have to save money wherever possible. This pioneer appears to have tried to post his son to University, in a bid to save money after a Christmas of excess.

We understand the lad has had some minor skeletal distortion, but as of last week he’s recovered the ability to fully extend his legs. His spine remains in the same position shown in this image, but on the plus side, this has resulted in him finding a total £12.35 in loose change while walking bent double around campus, which we’re told will be put towards his therapy.

Protect everything you value

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The life of a photographer may seem glamourous to the uninitiated, but we know from our customers that it involves a lot of hard graft - edits that span over days; endless battles with traffic and public transport; having to drop everything at a moment’s notice to go out on a night shoot in the blistering cold. The opportunity to relax is a rare and remote one, so giving your whisky as much protection as your camera makes perfect sense.

... Put a dog on it.

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There’s not many ways you can improve a Peli case. Years and years of design and testing have seen to that. But… there is one simple addition that will always triple a product’s value: Put a dog on it. Follow that simple step and your average Peli Case, retailing at £130, will grow in worth an easy £6,000,000.

Get yourself an extreme lunchbox

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Protect yourself against critters

Nature is stunning, there’s no denying it. But it is also full of deadly beasties that have no interest in landscape appreciation and care only about how you’ll taste. So when out facing the elements, in need of a little sit down with a sandwich, use the case as bench to place a buffer between yourself and the minions of Mother Nature. Allowing you to focus on the magnificence of it all and not worry about critters burrowing their way up your orifices.

Company on those cold, winter nights

What with Tinder, OKCupid and a plethora of other app-based dating platforms, the stigma going for a quiet meal alone is too much for some to bear. This Peliever solved this issue beautifully by bringing his trusty case to a romantic meal for two. A man who likes his dates like he likes his Peli Case - tough, dependable and loaded with a comfortable silence.

Telling the time...

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Not only are Peli cases great at storing all the above, it turns out they also make the perfect home for watch collections. With a protective insert and cushions, your watch will agree that there’s no place like foam. To The Hour offer a range of Peli watch cases to suit a range of size collections, from 1 lonely watch to 21 not so lonely watches.

What do you use your Peli case for?

We'd love to hear more stories of the slightly unorthodox uses our customers have found for their Peli Cases, so please feel free to share with us!

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