10 of the Best Photography Locations in and Around Manchester

Manchester is a lively and vibrant city with great photo opportunities around every corner. Whether you specialise in nature photography, or you’d prefer to capture the city’s diverse architecture, we’ve covered it all in our top 10 Manchester photography locations below.
Manchester Central Library

1. Manchester Central Library

The Manchester central library will transport you back in time with it’s grand and ornate design. Despite being refurbished only in 2014, the architecture and interior stays true to Roman theme and is the perfect place to begin on your photography tour of the city.


2. Northern Quarter

For fans of vibrant street art and eclectic buildings, you won’t want to miss the Northern Quarter. This trendy neighbourhood is the ideal place to practise your photography in Manchester, as it offers the opportunity for you to test out a wide range of skills and techniques.


3. Manchester Town Hall

This iconic building has been the centrepoint of photography for many professionals and tourists, and it’s easy to see why. The detailed, gothic exterior will draw you in, and you won’t be able to resist photographing the grand ceremonial rooms inside too.
4. Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens

4. Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens

In a city full of towering buildings, the Fletcher Moss botanical gardens in Didsbury provides a haven for nature photographers to perfect their skills. Be sure to visit in the spring and summer months in order to make the most of what these gardens have to offer.
5. Salford Quays

5. Salford Quay

The waterfront at Salford Quays provides ample opportunities to get your best photos yet! From here, you’ll be able to capture the iconic Millennium footbridge, Media City’s stunning architecture and the well-lit city of Manchester if you take a trip at night.

6. Ancoats

By taking a trip to Ancoats, you’ll get transported back in time to its industrial past. Many of the building have stayed true to their roots, however, you’ll also find a mix of the old and new architecture making it a great place to capture with your camera.
Beetham Tower

7. Beetham Tower

If you haven’t seen (or heard) this iconic tower, then this is one of the first places you should go to practise your photography in Manchester. Be sure to visit on a clear day to see how the tower almost seamlessly blends in with the sky.

8. Victoria Baths

The Victoria Baths are a shining example of the city’s rich history. The baths were opened in 1906 and still remain in pristine condition, so take your camera along to capture one of Manchester’s most iconic public spaces!

9. Spinningfields

Spinningfields in the sunshine is one of the best sights that Manchester has to behold! You’ll be able to capture the hustle and bustle of visiting Mancunians, as well as some of the stunning architecture that makes this area so sleek and modern.

10. Withington Pumping Station

This photo-spot is the ideal place to snap the grungy, rebellious vibe that is so synonymous with Manchester. Here, you’ll find a vibrant selection of graffiti that’s great to capture on its own, however, it can also serve as a cool backdrop for fashion shoots!
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