Pick 'n' Pluck foam is divided into small cubes which are easy to pick out into pockets, creating a cost effective foam insert that is perfectly tailored to your gear.

For cases that contain Pick ‘n’ Pluck foam as an option, a full foam set comprises of a Lid Foam, Base Foam and one or more layers of Pick 'n' Pluck depending on which case model the foam insert is designed for.

Measuring up your items

Start by laying out each piece of kit that you want to protect on top of the foam, allowing room for sufficient foam around the perimeter and between items. The absolute minimum wall size between items should be at least one cube wide. This can be increased to two or three cubes for larger items.

Camera equipment placed on top of Pick 'n' Pluck foam ready for measuring

Use cocktail sticks or matches to mark the position of each item. Alternatively, you can use chalk, which will easily rub off later.

Guidelines in Pick 'n' Plucl foam made from matchsticks

Once this is done, remove the items leaving only the matchstick or chalk outlines.

Creating pockets

Use the outlines you’ve just created as a guide and begin plucking out the cubes from the top layer of foam where necessary.

Foam cubes being picked from a Pick 'n' Pluck foam set

For cases with two or more layers of foam, you may need to adjust the depth of the pocket some of your larger items. Once you have pulled out the top layer of foam, use the matchstick method again to make sure that you will be plucking the right area for these.

a guide made from matches on the second layer of Pick 'n' Pluck foam

Once measured out, be sure to remove the complete block. You will then need to make a horizontal cut at the correct depth in order to store the larger item safely. Once you’ve made the cut, place it back in cut side down and put any other foam back in place.

Hands making a horizontal cut with a knife into in a foam block

Place all of your items into their positions make any last adjustments if you need to.
Your Pick ‘n’ Pluck foam and your case are now ready to go!

A completed 'Pick 'n' Pluck foam set with camera equipment in the pockets