• Portable & Rechargeable Outdoor Floodlights

    The range of LED floodlights from Peli are rechargeable, portable and very powerful. With an extensive variety of models within the range designed to suit many different applications, you’re bound to find an area flood light to meet your needs.

    Quick, Lightweight and Efficient

    Compared to traditional industrial lighting systems, these highly portable area flood lights will significantly reduce the amount of manual handling required, and each complete system can be set up by anyone in a matter of seconds. There is no need for fuel or cumbersome, expensive and loud generators, ultimately reducing both the financial and environmental cost to your company and to the environment.

    Safety Benefits of LED Floodlights

    These outdoor floodlights are completely silent and create instant, bright white light. They are often referred to as self-contained area lighting systems, and have no breakable glass components and no trailing cables that could act as trip hazards. What’s more, as they are rechargeable, portable lights, they use no fuel, create no fumes or sparks, which makes them the safest choice for hazardous working environments.

    Peli 9600 - Linkable Site Light

    The 9600 is a highly energy efficient, linkable wide-angle lighting system. It takes the quality, efficiency and durability that has become synonymous with the Peli brand, to create a new generation of eco-friendly generator powered, linkable lighting.

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    1. Yellow 9430 Area Lighting System
      9430 Area Lighting System
      From £860.82
    2. 9480 Area Lighting System
      9480 Area Lighting System
    3. 9600 Modular Lighting System
      9600 Modular Lighting System
    4. Peli 9430SL Area Lighting System
      9430SL Area Lighting System
    5. Yellow 9440 Area Lighting System
      9440 Area Lighting System
      From £1,189.00
    6. 9455 Area Lighting System Zone 0
      9455 Area Lighting System Zone 0
    7. Yellow 9460 Area Lighting System
      9460 Area Lighting System
      From £1,935.60
    8. 9470 Area Lighting System
      9470 Area Lighting System
    9. Peli 9490 Area Lighting System
      9490 Area Lighting System