Peli LED Headtorches

Peli Head Torches offer high quality, lightweight headlamps for hands-free light. The range includes built to last LED head torches, ATEX safety head torches and rechargeable head torches.

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  1. Black Peli 2745 HeadsUP Lite Zone 0
    2745 HeadsUP Lite Zone 0
    From £53.80
  2. 2765 HeadsUp Lite Zone 0
    2765 HeadsUp Lite Zone 0
    From £67.32
  3. Black Peli 2755 HeadsUP Lite Zone 0
    2755 HeadsUP Lite Zone 0
    From £62.15
  4. White Peli 2740 LED Headlite
    2740 LED Headlite
    From £34.34
  5. Black 2760 LED Headlite
    2760 LED Headlite
    From £56.48
  6. Black Peli 2750 LED Headlite
    2750 LED Headlite
    From £46.13

The Benefits of LED Technology

LED torches are highly energy efficient as they do not produce excess heat and the light is directionally focused, reducing wastage. Peli head torches are incredibly resistant to shock and impacts. They are compact, lightweight and produce bright white light.

ATEX Head Torches

The Peli range of intrinsically safe head torches are expertly designed and built using sturdy components, meaning that not only are they safe to use in hazardous areas, but they’re also incredibly resilient when faced with shock, vibrations and impacts - backed up by the legendary and unrivalled Lifetime Guarantee.

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